A downloadable Art for Windows

Create Amazing Pixel Art and save it to your computer, Great for messing around or for serious purposes!

You can Change colors with the use of the numbers:

left mouse button will place pixels

escape will get rid of the tiny white cursor

tab will bring back the cursor if it has been destroyed

and backspace will clear the whole board

Control + S will let you save your art

Note: there is no eraser as of yet, so just use the black color to erase for now

Install instructions

Its easy to get Started, Just select the "Pixel Art Editor" .zip file and then find the Pixel Art Editor Executable, it will prompt you to "Extract All" click that button,  then choose the extract location and click Extract, then you are ready just click the Application titled "Pixel Art Editor" and enjoy

Note: It may prompt you when you first open the Application it may say something along the lines of "Don't Run" just click "More info" and then press Run anyway


Pixel Art Editor.zip 1 MB

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